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Payday Advance

Payday Advance

They are licensed, courteous and cash loans and know each and every corner of the city. They are well-trained to use alternative save ways to arrive at the destination on time without trouble.

So hire us today and make your travel a fun with the Rafay Airport Taxi. Travel with us and let us know the quality of the service you experience with us. We always welcome your suggestions and recommendations to make our services cash loans ever than before. The actual fare might differ due to time of the day, tolls, works (available routes), different car companies, error in collecting prices and other cash loans or software error.

Most radio cabs are ok but the regular cabs are worse than clunkers, no ac doors dont work and neither do windows. And they all have passed inspection, regular source of income for the police, traffic division.

Then there is matter of haggling fares and cajoling the driver to go in the direction you need to go. Drivers are minimally educated, have fake or licenses obtained with out knowledge or road test. They are slovenly dressed and often stinky. Authorities are ok with cash loans of this. Rickshaws cash advance loans are no better they are even worse. Just the other day on of them ran off with my computer bag. Enter Creem, what a delight, car have ac, clean, in decent shape, educated drivers, fare is sometimes even lower than Rickshaw, no haggling, available at your door.

Even in creem owner operators are better behaved than drivers driving for an owner. Authorities are working overtime to throw a wrench in the operations, they can't stand loss of income and any convenience for the public.

I paid the cab man 900 which in no way is acceptable under any course of business. I asked for a Metrocab on Thursday 16th of April to be sent at 7 to take me from Gulshan-e-Iqbal to Abdullah Shah Qazi's Mazaar.

I was told its flat charge of 550 Rupees. Once the taxi arrived, I decided to stop at Gulshan Chowrangi for 5 minutes. The driver told me the package would change from 550 Rupees for 15 Kms to 610 Rupees for 12 kms and additional 25 rupees per km's after that. When I was getting off the taxi at Gulshan Chowrangi, there wasnt sufficient parking so I asked the driver to give me his cell number so its easy to trace the cab. He told me it was company policy not to let drivers give out their cell numbers.

Keep in mind, when the driver arrives to pick you up, he calls you from his cell to inform you or if he cant find your pick up point. The driver told me he would parked infront of the next building adjacent to the one I was going in. When I came out, he was no where to be seen. So I called 021-35393951, the number that had informed me m taxi had arrived to pick me from Gulshan. This guy had a very rude attitude from the start. He told me I shouldnt have gotten off the taxi and stopped at Gulshan Chowrangi, and that the taxi was waiting in front of a CNG station and I should walk to it.

The CNG station was no where in the line of sight. I asked him to tell the driver to come to the spot where he dropped me. He responded with 'Kya museebat hai' and then asked me 'You want him to come the wrong way. I told him I wanted him to take a u turn and come back and he wasnt doing me any favours, its a charged service I am paying for. He hung up on and didnt take my call after that. I was left standing in the middle of no where, with no contact with the taxi.

This is the brilliant customer service you get from Metro Cab. The person who hung up on me was either Mr. Sheraz or Noman because only these two were on duty.

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