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Pay Day Loan

Pay Day Loan

All very similar to what other companies offer. There is a 401k option, but there is no matching. Management is Okay, need multiple level approvals for each and everything. ConsThe overall organisation of the management is below zero. Do payday loans count on health insurance. Overtime is only compensated with leaving early another day.

Do not count on raise in salary or new opportunities. Do not count on a understanding or payday loans team lead. Lucky to pay day loans have good manager and teammates. Also, fun activities apart from work are present, which helps in overall developmentWas this review helpful. Managers will force you to work more than 8 hours and in weekends also. Salary benefits are good only for particular community. Payday loans all are suffering from low wages.

Yes No Report Not a great place to workSr. Poor management and HR policies. I would not recommend any body to work for TechmWas this review helpful. Very friendly teammates and managers. A number of fun and relaxing activities involved. Work culture is very goodWas this review helpful. Career growth is Limited. Salary Increment is also poor. Lot of extra work has to be done apart from assigned project's responsibilities. Good Infrastructure, Good Cafeteria and talented people. The people are really nice and it is full of culture.

They also work around your schedule and try to see what works best for you. Yes No Report Its mixed culture in Tech Mahindra. You can not expect anything from Tech Mahindra America as this is always depend what Client want. Yes No Report Nice Place to work at. This is not a problem just with Tech Mahindra. The clients expect the stars, the mangers just keep pushing, the offshore people do not care.

The onsite staff ends up getting the short end of the stick. Fun place to work. Used to work 40 hours per week. A lot of new experiences for the newcomers who are entering the IT field. People need to get over their egos and work respectfully.

Yes 2No Report Its very stressful working here. Client expectations is sky high and they dont ready to give overtime for the extra work we doing.

And managers dont have guts to question back client, which i think is not professional. If your resource is working overtime, you should take responsibility that he should get paid for those extra hours. One gets to learn a lot of things and also benefit himself in the long run. Typical work day includes working on strict SLA's dependent on the release and gathering pay day loans requirements to complete the assigned work before time.

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